SALT Wants to Help Schoharie County Walk the Walk

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SALT Wants to Help Schoharie County Walk the Walk

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The Schoharie Valley region is unlike anyplace else on Earth. Anyone who has ever lived or visited here knows this. SALT knows this. Highlighting and enhancing the unique richness of our area is at the heart of two new projects that SALT is facilitating in 2016.

SALT is pleased to announced that we have started work on the Schoharie Creek Trail Feasibility Study with a graduate class from the University at Albany SUNY. Five graduate students, under the tutelage of Dr. Jeff Olsen, who is nationally known for work with public health and trail development will be working with the SALT team and communities along the proposed trail corridor to help develop a vision for the trail, including identifying points of interest in each community that will connect to the 38-mile proposed trail.  Work done by this “Planning Studio” class will lay the groundwork for professional consultants to later complete the feasibility study and develop the potential trail layout. In addition, landowners along the path and residents will have multiple opportunities to share their thoughts about the trail over the two year duration of this grant.

Likewise, activity on the Geo to Go virtual tourism website grant has begun with partners, which include the NYS Folklore Society, the Quilt Barn Trail association, RPI Lecturer Dr. Lillian Spina-Caza, Schoharie County Tourism, and the Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce. As the year progresses many partners will be brought into the project to ensure that all of the county’s assets are included. Grants are being pursued to fund the project over several years so each envisioned aspect of the website can be designed, developed and maintained.

2016 promises to be a busy year as we work towards completing the deliverables of these grants, continue to develop more of the preparedness portion of our mission, and develop other dreams to help us keep moving forward toward our vision of a vibrant, resilient region.  Robert Louis Stevenson said: “Judge your day not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.” SALT plants many seeds. Now we begin the work of nurturing some new sprouts so they will produce a bountiful harvest for the county and the region.

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