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SALT Spotlight: Susan Kliza

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Susan Kliza is one of the reasons Kits for Kids happened at Gilboa-Conesville school. She curated the book The Eyes of the Storm, a collection of poetry, artwork, and stories from the school district’s children following Hurricane Irene. The SALT VISTAs spoke with her while visiting the school to talk about our lesson plans. She was sweet, and clearly cared so much about all the kids who had gone through so much.

In The Eyes of the Storm she says, “While listening to the presentations, one counselor commented that the arts could beĀ  helpful during times like this. I heard those words and took them as my cue to allow my students to use visual art to reflect on all that they had experienced and create a visual expression about it.” After helping students create cathartic works of art that expressed and dealt with their experiences of trauma, Susan had thanks to give:

“Most of all, I would like to thank all of my students who have demonstrated the strength and depth of insight that they each have within themselves, as well as the power of visual art to communicate as the universal language that it is. May the hope you have expressed be something that you will forever possess.”

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