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SALT Spotlight: Reverend Tony Campbell

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Upon SALT’s initial engagement with Rev. Tony Campbell he spoke about the Reformed Church of America’s (RCA) commitment to helping community- and faith-based programs become robust nonprofit institutions. As he introduced himself, he acknowledged that SALT’s mission and endeavors are known throughout his denomination and that he looked forward to collaborating with us in helping SALT successfully transition to the next stage of organizational development. Rev. Campbell asked about our core mission: Who are we? And more importantly, who do we want to become?

During his return visit, we eagerly looked forward to continuing to build a stronger partnership with his organization.  Rev. Tony Campbell joined the Board of Directors meeting after a previous night’s journey from his RCA home base in the illustrious city of Grand Rapids, MI. Our beloved and exhausted guest arrived at another treasured community elder’s B&B, the Wedgewood Inn, around one in the morning to seek the momentary bliss of sleepy-dreamland.  Upon waking and preparing himself for the BOD meeting, Rev. Tony Campbell had the distinct pleasure of an old-fashioned breakfast prepared for him by none other than one of our preeminent Schoharie patriarchs, Ed August.

He spent his time listening to the Task Force reports and provided critical feedback toward the next steps we are commencing upon.  Rev. Campbell encouraged us to continue building partnerships within the community and to seek the expertise of regional Community Development Corporations that are committed to developing and employing successfully the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) model for economic prosperity. Finally, Rev. Campbell’s expertise and generosity of the Reformed Church of America was demonstrated by the fiduciary commitment of $20,000 to SALT’s efforts. We are indescribably thankful to Rev. Cambell, not only for the financial support, but perhaps most deeply for the guidance and wisdom he’s given us.

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  1. Schoharie Phil says:

    I for one am proud of salt’s commitment to my beloved hometown. I can’t believe that Mrs. Goodrich has done so much for fivve years without asking for a penny. She is a modern saint.

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