SALT is hiring for VISTA positions!

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SALT is hiring for VISTA positions!

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Our new study, “Volunteering as a Pathway to Employment,” found that those who were out of work

and got involved with volunteering opportunities increased their likelihood of finding employment by 27

Schoharie Area Long Term, Inc. (SALT) is a long term disaster recovery coalition, working with multiple

partners toward the holistic recovery of residents and businesses that were impacted by Hurricane Irene

in the Schoharie Creek Basin and surrounding areas. SALT is seeking qualified candidates for the SALT

SALT’s primary goals are to provide “safe, sanitary and secure” living conditions; assist in the re-creation

of “vibrant and sustainable communities;” and facilitate mitigation and preparedness planning and

communication to create “aware and prepared” networks for the future.


AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) is a full-time, national service program for

individuals interested in developing lasting solutions to the problems of poverty in the United States. .

Each VISTA member makes a year-long, full-time commitment to serve on a specific project at a

nonprofit organization or public agency. In return for their service, AmeriCorps VISTA members receive

a modest living allowance ($946/month) and health benefits during their service, and have the option

of receiving a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award or post-service stipend after completing their service.

About 6,500 VISTAs are placed each year in more than 1,200 projects in low-income communities

VISTA members generally do not provide direct services, such as tutoring children or building homes.

Instead, they focus their efforts on building the organizational, administrative, and financial capacity of

organizations, including the development of projects to meet needs, researching and writing grants, and

recruiting and training volunteers.


To apply please visit:

and submit an application through the AmeriCorps VISTA website. Please also send a resume and

cover letter to or by mail to PO Box 777, Schoharie, NY 12157 and answer

the following questions in your cover letter:


1. What made you decide to apply to become an AmeriCorps VISTA Member?

2. Why are you considering serving with our project specifically?

3. What skills do you hope to gain during your year of service?

4. Which position/s are you interested in?

5. What are the best days and times to contact you?


Those candidates whose background and experience most clearly meet the qualifications for available

positions will be contacted for further discussion.

It is essential that VISTA Members who are working with SALT have certain skills and abilities to

work in the field. They should also be knowledgeable in their area of expertise as required in the job

descriptions. The general expectations are as follows:


• Bachelor’s degree preferred but associates or high school graduate plus extensive

• Good personal skills

• Good communication skills, verbal and written

• Ability to write reports and conduct research for their particular role

• Proficient in data collection and able to document interactions

• Computer and internet literate

• Ability to coordinate people and projects

• Capable of working with people to build consensus within groups

• Willingness to work with diverse populations including low income people challenged by

• Ability to remain flexible and professional under in stressful situations

Additional qualifications specific to each position are included in the job descriptions.

SALT is hiring for the following VISTA positions. Due to government funding, there may be some

changes to the positions and start dates. For more information please contact Jerrine Corallo at or 518-702-5017.

2014 SALT VISTA Position Details

February 3, 2014 – start date


Grant Writing & Fund Development

This member will work with the SALT staff and Fund Development Committee to research public

and private requests for grant proposals. Working with the board of directors, recovery groups and

SALT staff cultivate appropriate projects based on potential funding sources as well as write grants

to assist the region with long term recovery efforts and assist with the overall fund development

experience would be considered. Ability to assist people reach their goals and to encourage self sufficiency

endeavors for the recovery efforts and capacity building for the region. Projects developed will

include focus on projects for low income residents. This member will also delegate grant writing

and fund development tasks to SALT volunteers to build capacity around SALT’s fund development

strategy. Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written), attention to detail, leadership

and delegation skills, good time management skills, multi-tasking abilities, team playing skills, and

budget management are the other essential requirements of a successful grant writing and fund

development VISTA. Experience with grant or proposal writing is desirable.


Preparedness Campaign Coordination

This VISTA member will work with Schoharie County Emergency Management Office, SALT staff and

other stakeholders to conduct a public education campaign regarding readiness, preparedness and

mitigation efforts and plans, including but not limited to: 211, NY alerts, e911 reverse call system,

updated flood evacuation routes, emergency shelter locations and the importance of developing

personal family emergency plans. This may include the development of trainings for the public.

The member will focus on ensuring that low income, elderly and disabled residents have access to

the information they need and support plans in place in the event of a disaster, as well as making

sure that local disaster response services have accurate and updated information about high-needs

residents and their specific needs should a disaster occur. The member will also assist EMO as

needed with document development as well as grant research and writing to develop the materials

and funds needed to carry out the public education campaign. Excellent communication skills (both

verbal and written), attention to detail, good time management skills, multi-tasking abilities, and

team playing skills are the other essential requirements of a successful public awareness VISTA.


Construction Coordination

This member will work with SALT Resource and Construction Director, as well as local, regional

and national volunteer groups, particularly skilled volunteers to provide rebuilding assistance in

SALT’s coverage area. They will work with contracted Site Supervisors assigning skilled volunteers

to specific sites and with the Donations Coordination and Distribution VISTA for arranging for the

distribution of building materials and tools. They will assist with the development of construction

plans that will address; the scope of work, types of work activities, list of needed building supplies

and materials, an inventory of the type of construction skills required for volunteers and the

duration of work effort. They will develop relationships with local code enforcement officials

and ensure that residents who are rebuilding have accurate information about the permits and

requirements they need to safely rebuild. They will also assist with the procurement of donated

and discounted building materials and construction tools. Excellent communication skills (both

verbal and written), leadership and delegation skills, attention to detail, good time management

skills, multi-tasking abilities, team playing skills, budget management and negotiation skills are the

other essential requirements of a successful construction coordinator VISTA. Experience with home

construction is desirable.

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