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SALT Gear is HERE!

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Schoharie Area Long Term is excited to announce our new Recurring Donor Program featuring brand new SALT merchandise as incentives for monthly giving!

As a nonprofit agency, SALT relies on donations, gifts, and grant awards to function day to day. To allow SALT to continue the work that we do, sustainable, consistent funding is necessary.

This program will allow us to better track donations and gifts received, and will be a consistent source of income, so that SALT can continue working towards our 6 program areas:

  1. Emergency Preparedness

  2. Case Management

  3. Unmet Needs

  4. Schoharie Area Wild (SAW)

  5. Business Development

  6. Trail Feasibility Study

Your $10/$25/$50 a month donation will help towards:

  • Creating and distributing Emergency Preparedness kits throughout the county

  • Outfitting volunteers with gloves, rakes, wheelbarrows, etc.

  • Sponsoring AmeriCorps VISTA members

  • Supporting SALT staff to continue their mission of rebuilding a resilient and sustainable Schoharie County

Can you help us make our goal of 100 new recurring donors by July 1st?

There are several options for signing up to become a recurring donor.

Option #1:

-Fill out a donor card (in person), and SALT staff will set up the recurring donation (via a CC # or a voided check)

Option #2:

-Visit to select which level of giving you prefer through PayPal

Option #3:

-Visit YOUR personal bank, and set up a monthly recurring donation to SALT’s account at NBT in Schoharie. Please contact the SALT office for assistance.

Option #4:

-Visit NBT in Schoharie to directly set up a monthly giving plan to SALT.

Depending on your level of giving/month, you will be eligible for some brand new merchandise! Once you receive your new gear, show it off! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter … #saltswag.

Any questions regarding the recurring donor program, please contact the SALT office at (518) 702-5017 or

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