SALT Executive Director Sarah Goodrich’s Dream for Schoharie County

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SALT Executive Director Sarah Goodrich’s Dream for Schoharie County

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When together we faced the unimaginable destruction following Irene we were overwhelmed, and wondered what the future held. But with everyone working together, we not only survived but have made huge progress toward revitalization. My dream, my vision, is the same now as in the beginning: to see our county live into its potential.

My dream is that Schoharie County is a place:

Where groups of community members work collaboratively to develop viable solutions to local challenges;

Where we leverage our unique assets to provide desirable and affordable communities;

Where there are active main streets for people and businesses in thriving towns and villages;

Where our agricultural industry and the creative products that are developed from it are known across the state and beyond;

Where our natural beauty is easily accessible with trails, boat launches, signage, etc and these are used regularly by residents and visitors;

Where our rich cultural assets are recognized as an integral part of our communities including art, music, and other creative endeavors;

Where our education system at each level prepares all people for their future;

Where people from all generations choose to live because of the healthy and rich quality of life available;

Where we are known for what we are doing now and what we are developing, not for our history as a flooded community.

After all, the flood is only a small part of our story. The more impressive part of this story is the revitalization that is happening as we move into the future. Our future is what we are building together. The future is ours. Let’s claim this dream.

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