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Here’s your chance to make a change. You can support SALT’s Mission and Vision and the building of a resilient Schoharie County.  On a committee, you can use and develop these skills:

  • Leadership
  • decision-making
  • creating campaigns and goals
  • networking and partnerships
  • training opportunities
  • opportunities for advancement and responsibility



Events & Marketing Committee

Do you want to help your neighbors affected by flooding but you don’t know how?  Do you want to meet new people, network, and quickly see the effects of your work?  Then you may be what SALT needs!  You will work with enterprising colleagues to plan events and brainstorm ways to keep SALT’s mission in the public’s attention and continue the full recovery of Schoharie Creek basin communities!

Fund Development Committee

Do you want to help your neighbors affected by the flood, but don’t have construction experience?  Do you have a background in budget making, proposal writing, or fundraising?  SALT needs you to help with fund development campaigns to continue the recovery of Schoharie Creek basin communities.  You’ll work with a group of people who are goal-oriented and driven to elevate our local levels of resilience so we are better prepared for future risks.

Preparedness Committee

This committee supports the preparedness efforts of the Schoharie County Office of Emergency Services, helps create program plans, public outreach campaigns, and fund-raises to support individual, family, and office preparedness campaigns for a better prepared Schoharie County.

In partnership with OES, SALT is partnering with other agencies to stand up a “Volunteer Reception Center” when a disaster calls for it.  This Center will be the center of volunteer activity when an incident occurs.  Volunteers from all over who have registered before the incident and volunteers who need to register their skills will start here before heading off to assignments.



To sign up for any of these committees, please contact SALT at or at (518) 702 5017.