Reflecting on the History of SALT

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Reflecting on the History of SALT

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Immediately following the flooding event from Irene in 2011, all of the affected communities experienced groups of dedicated people who appeared quickly and did whatever they could do to help their towns and villages. While it was necessary and important that this happened in each area, national groups (FEMA community advisors, Church World Service, and others who deal with major disasters all over the county) advised that a county-wide collaborative group was needed in order to have better access to national funding sources, to track services across the whole affected area that, and to help ensure that services were coordinated and not duplicated, wherever possible.

This is why Pastor Sherri Meyer-Veen led a committed group of community-wide leaders in forming a collaborative group that became SALT, with the goal of serving the whole flood affected area. Schoharie County was amazingly blessed by the quality of the leadership at all levels who volunteered from so many participating organizations. It was their willingness to be involved for many months and their commitment to seeing the work through that has made this county so much stronger.

 Some of these courageous people have passed away since 2011. I feel their loss deeply. But there is no question that they left their mark on Schoharie County.

When we at SALT refer to the history of the recovery it is intended to be inclusive. By that I mean that our general references include all the people who stepped forward, their amazing commitment and their numerous achievements. While it is hard to delineate the many pieces of history when writing a short narrative or speaking for a few minutes, we never intend to diminish our past nor the people who served so valiantly. We honor their part in local recovery history and understand that our current conditions would never have been possible without their contributions. Our present was shaped by them. And we are grateful to each of them.

Thank you,

Sarah Goodrich

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