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In the event of a future disaster, Schoharie County Office of Emergency Services has asked SALT to stand up and coordinate a VRC.  SALT’s Preparedness Committee has developed VRC Standard Operating Procedures and identified five locations throughout the county that have agreed to be VRC sites.

What is a VRC? To Learn more watch our video and read our FAQ below.

A location where spontaneous, unaffiliated disaster volunteers can come and register, and from where they are referred to local agencies to assist with relief efforts.

How can I get more involved with SALT?

There are multiple ways to volunteer with SALT:

    • Register as a volunteer on the SALT webpage, or come to the SALT office at 258 Main Street, Schoharie and fill out a paper form.
    • Join the Preparedness Committee to help with emergency planning and programming in Schoharie County
    • Receive the appropriate training and commit to fill a staff position at the Volunteer ReceptionCenter
    • Encourage your community group to “adopt-a-job” and get everyone trained and ready for a specific position at the VRC

What is a Volunteer Reception Center?

The Volunteer Reception Center registers, screens, and places spontaneous volunteers in available opportunities in times of disaster.

What will volunteers do at a VRC?

The aim of the VRC is to connect spontaneous volunteers with requesting agencies. This is done by registering and interviewing potential volunteers, assigning them to volunteer opportunity that meet their needs and skills, providing safety training and issuing volunteer identification.

What is the difference between a spontaneous volunteer and an affiliated volunteer?

A spontaneous volunteer is someone who is not registered or affiliated with another organization. An affiliated volunteer is someone who has received training or is licensed, and is registered with an organization like the Red Cross, Medical Reserve Corps, or CERT( Community Emergency Response Team).

What volunteer positions are available at a VRC?

The following positions are available at the VRC:  Greeters, Registration Coordinators, Interviewers, Volunteer Placement Coordinators, Safety trainers, Identification Coordinators, Data Entry Coordinators, Phone Bank Coordinators, Runners, Security Officers, Health & Safety Officers, and Behavioral Health Representatives.

How often will I be called to volunteer?

Your commitment to volunteer at a VRC depends entirely on your circumstances and the length of time you are available.

How many volunteers are expected to come to a VRC?

It is impossible to know how many volunteers will arrive at the VRC. Response is usually based on the event.

When will the VRC be open?

The VRC is opened only when local emergency management feel it is necessary to do so. Typically, the VRC is open within 48 hrs after a disaster (if roads are safe to travel). The VRC operates daily, during daylight hours, until spontaneous volunteers become affiliated with organizations and until emergency management and the VRC Director determines a date to close.