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About the Blighted Property Selection Committee:

SALT Development and Schoharie County Office of Community Development Services have partnered to form a Blighted Property Selection Committee (BPSC).

The Blighted Property Selection Committee will solicit, review and select properties for submission to the Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank Project (GMVLB) for rehabilitation, demolition, deconstruction or stabilization. The committee has met and developed a process for property solicitation, submission, and review. The committee’s initial focus has been on informing county officials of BPSC formation and the process for property submission.

Peter Johnson, who also serves on the Schoharie Community Development Corporation Board of Directors agreed to serve as the first Chair of the BPSC. Jerrine Corallo of SALT Development is Vice Chair and also currently serves on the GMVLB’s Project Selection Committee.

“We’re at the beginning of this process, but are committed to working with Schoharie county’s towns and villages to address blighted properties,” said Steve Wilson, County Administrator. “This is a vital part of our efforts to build on the extraordinary quality of life here that persists even in the face of the devastating floods six years ago.”

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About the Process for Property Submission:

As a first step, municipalities are asked to pass a resolution (attached) to demonstrate their commitment to participate in the BPSC process. The process includes the following steps:

  1. Problem Properties are presented to the local Code Officer who completes the BPSC Problem Property Submission form, if applicable.

  2. Code Officer submits BPSC Problem Property Submission Form to Schoharie County GIS Specialist.

  3. The Code Officer will be invited to an upcoming BPSC meeting, when the problem property is reviewed.

The properties that are most likely to the reach the committee for review are those that:

  1. The GMVLB is able to acquire through a direct donation from the property owner whether that is a private individual or corporation, foreclosing governmental unit (i.e. Schoharie County) or a financial institution. In some cases, that are deemed high-priorities or high-impact the GMVLB may grant allowances for a purchase, but those will be considered on a case by case basis as the goal is to dedicate the highest possible amount of land bank funds to positive outcomes rather than acquisition.

  2. Include a plan (or identify a partner) for maintenance of the property, a property maintenance partner could be a municipality, nonprofit or committed neighbor;

  3. Include a goal for the how the property will be used after the action (rehab, demo, etc.) occurs. Examples of goals could include: single-family home, multi-unit housing, green space or park, parking spaces, developable land, etc.

For more information about the BPSC formation, please contact Jerrine Corallo at 518-702-5017 or or Shane Nickle at 518-295-8770 or