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salt and partners

While only in existence for one year, Schoharie Area Long Term has very quickly developed an excellent reputation and earned several accolades on a local, regional, and national level. Numerous key organizational leaders and volunteers were recognized for their outstanding community contributions by the New York State Assembly.  Additionally, Executive Director Sarah Goodrich was named “Times Journal Star” an award given once a year to one person for excellent contributions to the community out of the entire readership of the Times Journal, centered largely in Schoharie County. Several other key leaders in SALT were also nominated for this prestigious award. At the national level, SALT has formed partnerships with many different organizations.  Many SALT partners have been extremely complimentary, verbalizing and quoting to the press that we are the most organized recovery effort they have witnessed (Doug Guikema, Regional Director and Tom Hoogeboom, Technical Supervisor, World Renew Disaster Response Services), complimenting the capacity of the leadership (Zack Rosenburg, Director of the St. Bernard Project of New Orleans), complimenting the unique model SALT has created (Pastor Joseph Chu, Associate Director of Lutheran Disaster Response), complimenting the incredible volume of volunteers who have been successfully coordinated (all), and noting the impressive pace of the recovery efforts as significantly above the average (Zack Wolgemuth, Associate Director of Brethren Disaster Ministries).

SALT has received endorsements, letters of support, and positive recognition from elected officials at the local, state and national levels.  U.S. Congressmen Paul Tonko and Chris Gibson and New York State Assemblyman Pete Lopez are all very familiar with SALT and have publicly complimented us on our work.  SALT has also been able to maintain a high profile in the media, with over 50 articles in print and over 250 known broadcast spots.

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