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Michael Vamvas

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Current Positions/Titles:

  • Management Consultant, Property Management

Formal Degrees:

  • High school¬†diploma
  • Some college business courses


  • Save Serve– Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey
  • Board of Health Certified–¬†Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey
  • Anger Management Training Certified– New York
  • Youth Worker Certified– New Jersey
  • Dietary Nursing Home Certified– New Jersey

Previous Non-Profit Experience:

  • Board of Directors Catholic Charities
  • Set-up and maintained food pantries
  • Mentored youth (incl. troubled youth) in several communities
  • Worked with State Agencies to feed people with HIV/AIDS
  • Fundraising for church programs for poor, sick, hungry, flood-affected, Boy Scouts, and Habitat for Humanity

Previous/Current community Experience

  • Board of Directors, Catholic Charities–1996-2002
  • Board of Directors, SALT– 2012-Present
  • Sharon Springs Area Food Pantry– 2009-present
  • Mentoring youth –1982-present
  • Fundraising for Boys Scouts– 1986-1996 (New Jersey) 1999-2001 (New York)
  • Habitat for Humanity– 1992-2006
  • Involved in church programs in care of poor, sick, hungry, flood-affected

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