Laura’s dream for Schoharie County.

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Laura’s dream for Schoharie County.

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Twenty five years ago I took employment as a greenhouse manager. Site unseen. With a desire to get in the dirt, back to my roots, I threw caution to the wind and embraced the concept of creative license and getting dirty on the daily – the earth would be my new artist’s palette. My creative sensibilities rekindled.

I arrived at the new venue with no history, no tools, no plant material, no staff, no dirt. I was undaunted. In actuality, tickled. A blank canvas with which to fill in the new footprint of my day to day…I was in my element. As an idealist – I found this situation idea. My book to write. Yes, I am an admitted dreamer. But I’m also dreamer who knows how to turn a vision into a reality.

Several years ago I began toiling with my own dream, the pursuit of personal happiness. Professional accolades ascertained and satisfied, I pressed on. I found my better half, a realist, who lived on the opposing end of the Catskills. For the better of two years we traveled the route 30 corridor from points north and south, Sullivan County through Schoharie County to Schenectady. On our passages we’d bark at the lack of cell service, ponder the produce being planted, humor at the yard decorum, question the string of stores, the thread of characters and history that made up the various communities that whisked by the windshield …who lives here? Why live here? Groceries anyone? Where does one find a good cup of coffee on the run? Is there a place to get gas after midnight? (nope).

In spring of 2016 I joined the SALT team. And in such, all the answers to my questions began to unfold, or rather my perspective blossomed. I found “home.” Artists, writers, educators, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, people with heart, passion, compassion, commitment, pride and tremendous resolve – and the best homemade ice cream sandwiches and fudge I have ever had.

So in my creative capacity of posing the idea of asking the County residents what their dream for Schoharie County is, I did not think the question would be flipped back onto myself. Do I have that right? Do I have an opinion? I believe I do. My wish is for Schoharie County is that more people stop to smell the roses. More people stop and excavate the wealth of rich curiosities that constitute the Schoharie landscape and that more people take the time and heart to invest in an area that is truly alive.To get there, this dreamer knows, we must work together, openly and collaboratively to capture the spirit of this region and share it wide and far.

I look forward to helping facilitate the realization of this vision, from a dream to our future through my work at SALT and throughout the community. And to calling Schoharie County “home” and yes, undeniably, to more reliable cell service for this road warrior.

Written by: Laura R. Morace, Project Director and  AmeriCorps VISTA Supervisor

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