Joanna Ostroot’s Dream for Schoharie County

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Joanna Ostroot’s Dream for Schoharie County

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Six months ago I arrived in Schoharie County not knowing what to expect. I had just graduated from college and lived in suburban Western NY for most of my life. Living in Schoharie has been different from anywhere I have resided before, but I have grown to enjoy this unique area. I have gotten used to the small towns and experiencing the rich agricultural resources here.

What is my dream for Schoharie County? It’s hard to say after being here for a short time, but overall I would like to see a focus on growing what is local. This entails improving the local economy by creating more jobs in the county, which will strengthen communities and encourage families and millennials to move here. It could mean having more cultural and artistic opportunities, as well as places for people to gather together. One of my favorite activities in Schoharie County has been playing trivia at the Green Wolf Tap Room, where people can enjoy each other’s company, relax, and have fun. What if there was a local coffee shop as well, or a bakery? I’d also love to see increased recreational and pedestrian access, so there are more opportunities for walking and hiking in and between the towns.

As I embark on the second half of my year at SALT, I will continue to explore the county and learn more about what it has to offer. I hope to contribute to an ever-greater spirit of pride in Schoharie County as communities build on what we have here.

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