Jin’s Dream for Schoharie County

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Jin’s Dream for Schoharie County

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My dream for Schoharie County is for a growth in its population. Schoharie County is an amazing place for families to raise their children. You are surrounded by beautiful scenery and local produce, but the County has seen a decrease in population for years.

I have been working and living in Schoharie County for about 8 months now and have fallen in love with the County. When I first came to Schoharie, the first thing I noticed was the landscape. It is amazing to just drive around and view the hillsides and farmlands. Schoharie is home to many local farmers with generations of history. With all of the local farmers, Schoharie Fresh is a valuable site for both farmers and residents. I had heard of co-ops and farmers’ markets, but had never heard of an online farmers’ market. Schoharie Fresh allows for the farmers’ market to come to you. This single concept has allowed Schoharie to be set apart from other areas. Another aspect of Schoharie that makes it so valuable is that Schoharie is centrally located in New York. I can drive two and a half hours west to reach Syracuse, where I went to college. I drive east for an hour and reach Albany. Driving three hours south I can visit my friend in New York City or two hours to reach the Catskills.

I am constantly impressed by Schoharie and my dream is for the greater population to realize its potential and choose to raise their families here.

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