Irene: Schoharie two years later

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Irene: Schoharie two years later

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SCHOHARIE — Cappy Santos lives in one of the 63% of properties flooded during Hurricane Irene.  Two years later, she reflects on the day she had to leave home with just her wedding album and a change of clothes. Not far from the Schoharie Creek on Bridge Street, Santos has eight feet of water on the first floor of her home.  She relocated for a few months to Cobleskill but wanted to return home.  She had been flooded 5 times since the 1950’s, but the 2011 flood left the worst damage. It cost Santos roughly $1,000 between savings and insurance to fix her home back up again.  A portrait of her daughter, still lined with dust from flood waters, hangs on her living room wall.  Afraid to clean it, Santos says it serves as a good reminder of how far her town came since August of 2011.


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