First Schoharie Family Farm Day Celebrates Good Growing Season

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First Schoharie Family Farm Day Celebrates Good Growing Season

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CBS 6 Albany 

SCHOHARIE — It was a very different scene in Schoharie County just a few months ago, let alone two years ago after Irene came with vengeance, drenching towns, and flooding fields. But this weekend it was a celebration of this years growing season, which farmers say turned out to be a success.

“Our growing season has been spectacular, we’ve had a great year, and our crops our raspberries we’ll start harvesting any day and it looks to be a healthy crop,” says Lois Goblet, owner of Hessian Hill Farm.

Sunshine on Saturday was the perfect back drop of families to take a tour of Schoharie Valley farms, to learn all about the industry that is so much a part of the region. But the skies were less than friendly back in June, a wet beginning to the summer had some farmers concerned.

“June was extremely wet, we did lose onions we lost some beans but had to replant, and as of today we’ve got a good crop,” Goblet says.

Because the beginning of the summer was so wet, a big concern for farmers was standing water on corn and soybean fields. but because it dried up towards the end it’s actually going to be a rather high crop yield this year.

“If you were in some real low-lying ground that was not particularly well drained there was some issues on that, but i think certainly when you get up here in the hills that was really not too much of a concern. We had some pretty wet weather earlier this year but the rest of the growing season has turned out to be absolutely terrific,” says Don Smyers, executive director of the Cornell Cooperative Extension in Schoharie County.

That news is music to the ears of growers in this county that have been through so much.

22 farms and 3 farmers markets participated in this years Schoharie Family Farm Day. In it’s first year, organizers tell us they hope to make this an annual event.



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