Farmers Deal With Heavy Rain

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Farmers Deal With Heavy Rain

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MIDDLEBURGH — Schoharie County is no stranger to flood waters, in fact, just two weeks ago Friday.. they again swept through the region. While they fared well during Thursday nights storm, it’s causing a headache for some farmers in the area.

Natures wrath came down with fury two years ago during Irene on Cindy Barber’s farm, costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“We did not harvest any of our produce after the day of the flood. However, if you’re talking about rain water, that is just sitting in fields, that’s a challenge to a farmer, but the health of the produce is still okay,” Barber tells us.

Despite recent floods in Middleburgh, the Barber’s Farm is flourishing. Flood waters can mean farmers cannot sell their product, but simple rain can just mean produce is simply more expensive for the consumer.

“If it was standing in the spring, and you can’t get in to fit your fields, or get your crops planted, that sets you way back in the cycle and you’ve only got a very short growth season,” Cindy tells us.

So Cindy’s eyes are to the sky. Her harvest is where it should be, at least for now.

“You’re always watching the weather, high winds, hail, that’s something that can do huge damage on you very quickly,” she says.

While Schoharie fared well through the storms, the ground is very saturated. That means any rain to come through the area could be of concern in the coming days.

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