Edison Potter’s Dream for Schoharie County

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Edison Potter’s Dream for Schoharie County

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My dream for Schoharie County is simple: More.

More local businesses in storefronts. More for young people (under 21 but also under 18) to do with each other. More affordable housing. Better educational systems, and more learning overall.

More cooperation, less competition. The towns, villages, and hamlets of the counties can be isolationist and “high-school” rivalries can turn from fun and games into real, harmful attitudes that impact county dynamics.

My dream for Schoharie County is that it thrives. I’m leaving soon, but I have friends who would love to stay, if only the county gave them reason to. One of my friends after another moves to Albany, Schenectady, Oneonta, in search of more. More to do, more opportunity. I believe the county can have more without losing the rural character so many value. There is a difference between preservation and stagnation. I hope that Schoharie County continues to grow within itself, to build upon its strengths, and make itself a place those residents who stay—or move in—can be proud of.

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