Bounty of the County event to benefit flood recovery

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Bounty of the County event to benefit flood recovery

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SCHOHARIE — It’s a community that’s seen it’s fair share of disaster in recent years, but over the weekend Schoharie came together to celebrate just how far they’ve come.

Local vendors were there selling locally made products all to benefit S.A.L.T, the organization that’s helping to get the area back on it’s feet. Saturday night alone, they were able to raise $16,000 and every cent helps.

“We have everything going on from septic and wells to dry wall to some finishing touches on other houses, so our big emphasis is trying to finnish getting as many families back home as we can.” Sarah Goodrich, executive director of S.A.L.T. tells us.

Right now S.A.L.T. hopes to raise 3 million dollars. They’re at one million now, pushing past that this weekend. That cost will go towards their goal of getting 12 houses back up and running.

“We’ve made a lot of progress but the further along we go the projects get more and more complex, they also get more expensive and and so we continue to have a great need,” Goodrich tells us.

Vendors like Jessica Loden-Kirby paid to set up and showcase their business Sunday, that money is going to rebuild. Killing two birds with one stone, also allowing them the opportunity to remind folks to come to Schoharie. After the floods many including Jessica lost business.

“We didn’t actually end up with any water in the building, however we mine as well have. with the county offices leaving and so much of the population not being able to live in their homes we really saw a huge decrease in the amount of business that we did have,” she tells us.

Pat Degrof has lived in the town since 1952. She says although the town is prone to flooding, she’s never seen it so bad as during Irene.

“It’s unbelievable. if people could only be this generous and kind as when there’s a tragedy, which is too bad, it makes us proud of the area,” she says.

It’s proof that no matter what mother nature throws this county’s way, their spirit won’t wash away with the flood waters.

We’re told S.A.L.T. is aiding in relief to towns damaged by Friday mornings flood. But they need your help. You can make a donation or learn ways to volunteer at their website. That’s

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