Blogging in Service: Grant Jones (Eight Months In)

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Blogging in Service: Grant Jones (Eight Months In)

On April 14, 2016, Posted by , In VISTA Blog, With No Comments

I wrote my first VISTA blog just a few weeks after starting my term of service at SALT. After eight and a half months of working in SALT’s fast-paced environment I’ve moved into several new areas. In addition to my roles in SALT’s marketing and media efforts, staffing changes have led me to take a role in grant writing, event planning, and conducting research in a variety of areas like our community needs assessment initiative.

 My expanding role at SALT has brought further professional development opportunities at SALT. I never expected that I would be able to do so much when I first started my service in August. As the Marketing and Media VISTA, I continue to work to promote SALT’s events, like our Bounty of the County Market on July 8th. (Don’t forget to stop by!) As a grant writer and researcher I look for funding opportunities that can help us advance SALT’s current program areas or advance into new ones. It’s a similar story for research, I focus on areas that SALT would like to become involved in, or could become involved in the future.

It can be hectic at times, juggling various initiatives, managing deadlines, and all while trying to get to a meeting on time. However, in the end it is rewarding to be able to do so much as a VISTA to further SALT’s message and goals. With just a few months left in my service, I want to make the most of my experience as an AmeriCorps VISTA.

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