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SALT Mission Statement

Schoharie Area Long Term rebuilds resilient and sustainable communities.

SALT Vision Statement

The Schoharie Creek Basin and surrounding communities will be vibrant, thriving, resilient, and sustainable.

SALT Values

Through our recovery work we value:

  • honoring the past while looking toward the future.
  • maximizing the effectiveness and quality of recovery and rebuilding services, reducing redundant efforts and creating efficient, sustainable systems by fostering communication, coordination, collaboration and cooperation with compassion.
  • creating communities that encourage caring, concern and love of neighbor, that honor, accept and support all individuals and that welcome all and give voice to the voiceless.
  • the benefits of working together across and for the entire impacted region while valuing the uniqueness of each community, encouraging local decision-making and helping to resource local efforts.
  • long-term thinking.


Building Hope, Rebuilding Community