5 Ways to Support Your Local Economy

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5 Ways to Support Your Local Economy

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Community.  It’s like that sticky stuff that binds us all together.  And the Schoharie Valley region is an iron strong community.  Let’s keep it that way by pitching in and supporting our Schoharie Economy.LocalBusiness

Follow Local Businesses on Social Media

It’s a small effort of support that goes a long way.  Follow your favorite local businesses on Twitter, like them on Facebook, and share their postings.  A lot of local businesses even offer coupons and rebates for faithful web followers.

Spread the Word

This one is a classic.  Did you get some free advice with that hammer you just bought at the local hardware store?  Of course you did.  That’s what makes us Schoharie Strong.  Let people know.

Schoharie County Adventure

Explore the area!  It doesn’t matter matter if you are new to the county or a life long resident.  It’s easy to forget the amazing destinations Schoharie County has to offer!  So take a Saturday trip with the family, and rediscover Schoharie County.

Engage with the Chamber of Commerce

The Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic resource for all things Schoharie.  They have a detailed event calendar, an up-to-date business directory, tourist attraction sites, and even free online classes.  Be sure to use this one-of-a-kind resource.

Eat & Shop Local

Schoharie was called the “Breadbasket of the American Revolution” for good reason.  The produce and meat here in Schoharie County are top notch… And so are the numerous local restaurants.  Went to a great Schoharie County restaurant last night?  Tell your friends about that to-die-for chicken parm you just had.  Your friends and restaurateurs will thank you.

And thanks to all who supported a local restaurant and SALT by attending the Taste of Schoharie event at A Taste of Europe in East Cobleskill! You help make #SchoharieStrong!

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