5 Reasons to Love Schoharie County

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5 Reasons to Love Schoharie County

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5 Reasons to Love Schoharie County

5 Reason to Love Schoharie


Schoharie County is truly a tight-knit tribe. It doesn’t matter if you live in Cobleskill or Middleburgh, we’re all neighbors. You can walk down the street and smile to a nearby pedestrian and they smile right on back. Just yesterday with the heavy snowfall, my new neighbor cleared out my driveway. There wasn’t an ask involved, he just thought I could use a hand. Where else do you get neighbors like that?

Trails & Parks

Did you know 90% of Schoharie County’s land is designated for forest and agricultural use? Our green space is gorgeous and by far one of our best assets. You can take advantage of it by hiking Minekill State Park, strolling the Landis Arboretum, hosting a family event at Fox Creek Park Pavilion or even checking out Howe Caverns. SALT is also working with local groups and citizens to determine the feasibility of a creek trail from Esperance to Blenheim. The possibilities are endless! Take our Trail Survey now to tell us what you want to see or stop by our next community meeting Tuesday February 17th 4pm at 258 Main St, Schoharie.

The Food

Who doesn’t love great food? Schoharie County is fortunate enough to be home to some unique and savory delights that are sure to make your mouth water. From the always classy Taste of Europe to the farm fresh Carrot Barn to the wicked good food at the Apple Barrel Cafe, there is always something cooking. And if you really want to indulge just order yourself a burger at Middleburgers and take it to Green Wolf’s tasting room to pair with a pint. Ladies and gentlemen, out of this world.

The Scenery

Take a look outside. That’s what we call nature. It’s awesome. It’s beautiful. And Schoharie County has an ample supply of scenic vistas. Our county even has state ordained “Scenic Byways.” We have mountains, valleys, fields, hills, streams, and waterfalls – you name we got it. And if you really want to take your breath away, hike on up to the top of Vroman’s Nose. Don’t forget to take a picture.


The History

There’s plenty. Talking about all the history would fill up a book… And it has. Our County even played a role in the American Revolution. That’s right. known for our fertile land and skilled farmers, Schoharie became “The Breadbasket of the Revolution.” Don’t believe me? Head on down to the Old Stone Fort. They’ll give you a history lesson worth remembering. You can also check out Schoharie Valley Association’s guide  to discover the Timothy Murphy Trail (on page 16), designated by an Act of Legislature, the trail encompasses all of Route 30 with over 70 roadside historical markers.   

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    NIce Job SALT!

  2. Dawn Johnson says:

    Nice Job SALT !

  3. It’s everything I know but I’m always glad to see it on the computer–thanks for all your hard work SALT!!

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